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Important Arabic Baby Names list to choose your beloved baby names. Here you will get huge collection of popular Arabic Baby Names. Latest Arabic Baby Names are listed below for your selection.
Arabic Baby Names
Arabic boy names are very strong, trendy and modern. Why not choose Arabic girl names from our directory? Get a havoc collection of beautiful Arabic girl Names.
How to choose unique Arabic baby names? We suggest combine parents names and get uncommon baby names. This is also rare baby names. Remember, it must be meaningful.
What are suitable names for twins’ baby? Choose cool nick names for twins. Double baby names are rare. So, it must be classic and unusual.
Find latest baby names or popular baby names. This is a dilemma when choose baby names. If father want popular baby names or modern baby names then mother need royal baby names or classic baby names.
Aristocrat families choose royal baby names. This is there tradition. They always like traditional baby names.
What is the most common Arabian baby name? Finding common names are easy from our dictionary. Get most popular names for your baby.
Arabic is a language of Arabian country. Arabs are mostly Muslims with a Sunni majority and a Shia minority. Arabic is one of six official languages of the United Nations.
Pre-Islamic and Post-Islamic names are present in Arabic baby names. Pre-Islamic baby names are influenced by nature, occupations and character. The then times Arabian people like baby names in the name of flowers, mountains, lakes, fountains etc. Occupational names are given from story teller, poet and writer.
But in Post-Islamic age they prefer their baby names in the name of Prophet Muhammad. These names are collected from the Koran. Prophet’s immediate family members’ names are also popular choosing
Arabic Boy Names.
Choosing baby names from celebrity names’ is common. Some notable Arabic names are:
  • Ahmed Helmy, Egyptian comedian, actor, film producer, television presenter and a renowned television personality
  • Assala Nasri, Syrian singer
  • Khaled, Algerian singer
  • Elie Saab, Lebanese fashion designer

Arabic Boy Names

Arabic people are very serious when choosing their baby names. Whole family participates in choosing baby names. Old members of the family take one way to choose boy names whereas the modern generations think differently during select boy names.
This tussle is common in almost every Arabic family. So, it becomes very difficult to pick the best Arabic Boy Names.
Arabic Boy Names
Senior people have a tendency to pick out traditional boy names. Traditional names are collected in many ways. They collect it from their ancestral forefather’s name. Maybe they list the names of celebrities of their times.
Historical heroes or characters of any famous books are also helpful in choosing kids' names. They think the names of their upcoming family members should be decent and powerful.
Boy names in the name of Allah are a very common tradition. Royal and Aristocratic boy names have inherent meaning and spiritual connotation. So, these names are also popular in a group of old people. So, elderly persons have their own way to find boy names.
Parents today’s have different opinions on choosing boys' names. They like modern, trendy, cool, rare and cute boy names. People now are seeking non-traditional baby names. Therefore, to find best boy names they wish Film Star, Sportsman, TV Stars, and Celebrity Politician etc.

Arabic Girl Names

Choosing Arabic Girl Names is a serious matter for parents. Her names will affect her whole life. Inappropriate names may embers in future.
Arabic Girl Names
Arabic girl names are very beautiful. Female names are generally cute and easy to pronounce. People from Arab like to keep girl names in the name of flowers.
Most parents select popular girl names from celebrity models, heroine, singer, TV Actress etc. So, Arabic baby girl names are common.
Arabic girl names are very feminine and pretty. Sometimes Arabic people like combination names of father and mother. But this name must be sound good. Some celebrity women in Arabian are:
  • Ahd Kamel, Saudi Arabian actress
  • Alia Shawkat, American actress of Iraqi descent
  • Dorra Zarrouk, Tunisian actress
  • Dina Shihabi, Saudi Arabian actress
  • Rima Fakih, Miss USA 2010

List of Arabic Baby Names

Download list of Arabic Baby Names. This list is helpful to choose your baby names. We have more than 88000 Arabic Baby Names lists for new parents. You can use these names freely.

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