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Important Albanian Baby Names list to choose your beloved baby names. Here you will get a huge collection of popular Albanian Baby Names. Latest Albanian Baby Names are listed below for your selection.
Albanian Baby Names
Albanian boy names are very strong, trendy and modern. Why not choose Albanian girl names from our directory? Get a havoc collection of beautiful Albanian girl Names.
How to choose unique Albanian baby names? We suggest combining parents' names and getting uncommon baby names. These are also rare baby names. Remember, it must be meaningful.
What are suitable names for twins’ babies? Choose cool nicknames for twins. Double baby names are rare. So, it must be classic and unusual.
Latest baby names or popular baby names. This is a dilemma when choosing baby names. If a father wants popular baby names or modern baby names then mother needs royal baby names or classic baby names.
Aristocrat families choose royal baby names. This is their tradition. They always like traditional baby names.
What is the most common Albania baby name? Finding common names are easy from our dictionary. Get the most popular names for your baby.

Albania or Republic of Albania is a country in Southeast Europe on the Adriatic and Ionian Sea within the Mediterranean Sea. The nation has been occupied by various civilisations, for example, the Illyrians, Thracians, Ancient Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians and Ottomans.
The official language of the nation is Albanian which is spoken by most of the nation's common people. Gheg and Tosk are the dialects of Albanian. Second most communication language is Greek. So, Greek, Gheg and Tosk language reflect on their baby names.
Muslims are major in this country. Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants are also present in the country's population.
Choosing baby names from celebrity names’ is common. Some notable Albanian names are:
  • Ismail Kadare is an Albanian novelist, poet, essayist and playwright.
  • Andamion Murataj is an Albanian film director, producer, and screen writer.
  • Blerim Destani is an Albanian actor and producer.
  • Tinka Kurti is one of the best known Albanian actresses.
  • Lorik Agim Cana is an Albanian former professional footballer.
  • Fan Noli, was an Albanian writer, scholar, diplomat, politician, historian, orator and founder of the Orthodox Church of Albania.

Albanian Boy Names

Albanian people are very serious when choosing their baby names. Whole family participates in choosing baby names. Old members of the family take one way to choose boy names. But modern generations think differently during select baby boy names.
Albanian Boy Names
This tussle is common in almost every Albanian family. So, it becomes very difficult to pick the best Albanian Boy Names.
Senior people have a tendency to pick out traditional boy names. Traditional names are collected in many ways. They collect it from their ancestral forefather’s name. Maybe they list the names of celebrities of their times.
Historical heroes or characters of any famous books are also helpful in choosing kids' names. They think the names of their upcoming family members should be decent and powerful.
Boy names in the name of Allah are a very common tradition. Royal and Aristocratic boy names have inherent meaning and spiritual connotation. So, these names are also popular in a group of old people. So, elderly persons have their own way to find boy names.
Parents today’s have different opinions on choosing boys' names. They like modern, trendy, cool, rare and cute boy names. People now are seeking non-traditional baby names. Therefore, to find best boy names they wish Film Star, Sportsman, TV Stars, and Celebrity Politician etc.

Albanian Girl Names

Choosing Albanian Girl Names is a serious matter for parents. Her names will affect her whole life. Inappropriate names may embers in future.
Albanian girl names are very beautiful. Female names are generally cute and easy to pronounce. People from Nigeria like to keep girl names in the name of flowers.
Albanian Girl Names
Most parents select popular girl names from celebrity models, heroine, singer, TV Actress etc. So, Albanian baby girl names are common.
Albanian girl names are very feminine and pretty. Sometimes Albaniani people like the combination names of father and mother. But this name must sound good.
Some celebrity women of top 100 in Albania are:
  • Flora Brovina is a Kosovar Albanian poet, pediatrician and women's rights activist.
  • Irma Kurti is a well-known Albanian poet and writer.
  • Iliriana Sulkuqi is an award-winning Albanian poet and journalist living in the United States.
  • Era Istrefi is a Kosovo Albanian singer and songwriter.
  • Elvana Gjata, also known mononymously as Elvana, is an Albanian singer, songwriter, composer, actress and entrepreneur.
  • Inva Mula is an Albanian opera lyric soprano.

List of Albanian Baby Names

Download list of Albanian Baby Names. This list is helpful to choose your baby names. We have more than 18000 Albanian Baby Names lists for new parents. You can use these names freely.


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