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Choose African Baby Names from our baby names dictionary. You will get a huge collection of unique baby names lists. You can find Unique African Boy Names, Girl Names and Unisex Names. We discuss modern baby names' meanings.
African Baby Names
African Parents are very excited to discover unique baby names for their upcoming boy or girl child. During choosing the boy names they keep in mind that their boy names should be cool, decent, modern, cute, popular and rare.
On the other hand while finding their girl names there is a trend to select beautiful names. African nicknames are also popular and sound good. African boy names are sometimes influenced by the king's name or from their ancient heroes.
We have a large collection of exotic baby names. A huge number of popular baby names are added here.
Black baby names are very interesting. Mostly people from Ethiopia, Kenya, Algeria, and Ghana like black boy names or girl’s names.
Xhosa names and Zulu names are fascinating for African tribal. Ndebele, Sotho, Tshivenda and Swahili have different concepts to select their children's names.
Africa is a continent of many languages and various ethnic groups. So, there are various cultures and rituals.
In Africa the birth of a child is an occasion. They welcome their new born child with a celebration. They also celebrate naming ceremonies.

African Boy Names

African people are very serious when choosing their baby names. Whole family was involved in choosing baby names. Old members of the family take one way to choose boy names whereas the modern generations think differently during select boy names.
African Baby Names
This tussle is common in almost every African family. So, it becomes very difficult to pick the best African Boy Names.
Senior people have a tendency to pick out traditional boy names. Traditional names are collected in many ways. They collect it from their ancestral forefather’s name. Maybe they list the names of celebrities of their times.
Historical heroes or characters of any famous books are also helpful in choosing kids' names. They think the names of their upcoming family members should be decent and powerful.
In this section we describe about black baby boy names. Xhosa baby names list help parents to choose the perfect baby name.
Boy names in the name of God are a very common tradition. Royal and Aristocratic boy names have inherent meaning and spiritual connotation. So, these names are also popular in a group of old people. So, elderly persons have their own way to find boy names.
Parents today’s have different opinions on choosing boys' names. They like modern, trendy, cool, rare and cute boy names. People now are seeking non-traditional baby names. To find best boy names they wish Film Star, Sportsman, TV Stars, and Celebrity Politician etc.

African Girl Names

African girl names are very beautiful. Female names are generally cute and easy to pronounce. People from Nigeria like to keep girl names in the name of flowers.
African baby girl names are common. Most parents select popular girl names from celebrity models, heroine, singer, TV Actress etc.
African Baby Names

List of African Baby Names

Download List of African Baby Names. This list is helpful to choose your baby names. We have more than 20000 African Baby Names lists for new parents. You can use these names freely.


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