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Find the best Afghan Baby Names from our baby names list. Here you will get a unique baby names list. Latest Afghan boy names are very popular now. Get a beautiful girl's name dictionary.
Afghans are people of Afghanistan. This country is located in the heart of south central Asia. By religion Afghans are Muslim.
Afghan Baby Names
Islamic country Afghanistan is divided into many ethnolinguistic groups. We have huge collection of Muslim baby names. Check the latest collection of girl names.
Pashtuns is the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan. Almost 38% to 42% are Pashtuns of the country’s whole population. People here like Latest baby names for their children.
Pashtuns like trendy baby names. They like meaningful names. Names which mean God is very popular here. Some notable Pashtuns are:
  • Nāzo Tokhī, commonly known as Nāzo Anā, was an Afghan poetess and a writer in the Pashto language.
Tajiks are the second largest population of Afghanistan. They are Persian speaking people. So, Persian influence is found in their baby names. Some popular Tajiks names are:
  • Wasef Bakhtari is an Afghan poet
  • Fawzia Koofi is an Afghan politician and women's rights activist.
Hazara is the third largest ethnic group in Afghanistan. They reside mainly in the Hazarajat region in central Afghanistan. Linguistically the Hazara speak a dialect of Dari-Persian, known as Hazaragi.
Hazara also uses Turkic and Mongolic words. Therefore, these people like traditional baby names. Some famous Afghani names are:
  • Dawood Sarkhosh is a singer, musician and poet
  • Friba Rezayee is an Afghan judoka
  • Hamid Rahimi is a boxer from Afghanistan
Uzbek are the one of the ethnic groups in Afghanistan that live in the Northern region of the country. The Uzbek language is a Turkic language of the Karluk group. Some famous Uzbeks are:
  • Husn Banu Ghazanfar, is a politician
Some other groups are Aimaq, Turkmen, Baloch and Nuristani. Moghol, Pashai, Pamiri, Kyrgyz, Arabs and Gujjar are a very small group in Afghanistan.

Afghan Boy Names

Afghan people are very serious when choosing their baby names. Whole family participates in choosing baby names. Old members of the family take one way to choose boy names whereas the modern generations think differently during select boy names.
This tussle is common in almost every Afghan family. So, it becomes very difficult to pick the best Afghan Boy Names.
Afghan Boy Names
Senior people have a tendency to pick out traditional boy names. Traditional names are collected in many ways. They collect it from their ancestral forefather’s name. Maybe they list the names of celebrities of their times.
Historical heroes or characters of any famous books are also helpful in choosing kids' names. They think the names of their upcoming family members should be decent and powerful.
Boy names in the name of Allah are a very common tradition. Royal and Aristocratic boy names have inherent meaning and spiritual connotation. So, these names are also popular in a group of old people. So, elderly persons have their own way to find boy names.
Parents today’s have different opinions on choosing boys' names. They like modern, trendy, cool, rare and cute boy names. People now are seeking non-traditional baby names. Therefore, to find best boy names they wish Film Star, Sportsman, TV Stars, and Celebrity Politician etc.

Afghan Girl Names

Choosing Afghan Girl Names is a serious matter for parents. Her names will affect her whole life. Inappropriate names may embers in future.
Afghan girl names are very beautiful. Female names are generally cute and easy to pronounce. People from Nigeria like to keep girl names in the name of flowers.
Afghan Girl Names
Most parents select popular girl names from celebrity models, heroine, singer, TV Actress etc. So, Afghan baby girl names are common.
Afghan girl names are very feminine and pretty. Sometimes Afghani people like combination names of father and mother. But this name must be sound good.

List of Afghan Baby Names

Download list of Afghan Baby Names. This list is helpful to choose your baby names. We have more than 28000 Afghan Baby Names lists for new parents. You can use these names freely.

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