Baby Names Meaning Dictionary

Welcome to baby names meaning dictionary. Find unique baby names for your child. We have a huge collection of popular baby names. Choose the latest boy names and modern girl names.

Human beings are the most wonderful creation of God. All men and women are known by their names. Names are identity of mankind.

Baby Names Meaning

Choosing suitable names is an important task for parents. Men or women carry their names up to the end of life. So, parents choose the best names with meaning.

Parents have different opinions when choosing names. Sometimes they like trendy names. Some parents choose royal and aristocratic names.

Nicknames are also pretty. We publish a large number of nicknames. Select baby names from our list.

Baby Boy Names

In our society when we choose name of our baby, we make a gender division. Parents choose a masculine name for their baby boy. First name should be the gender identification of the baby. Parents generally keeps in mind at least one criteria before choosing their baby boy name. The name of his new born baby boy should be top, unusual, unique, popular, exotic or cool.

Parents keep in mind their baby girl name should be feminine names and be soft, beautiful, pretty and gentle.

By a name you can imagine whether the baby is girl or boy. But some name is suitable for all boys or girls.

These are the unisex names. Generally unisex names are the nick names of the babies.

Choose Unique Baby Names

Some parents do not like popular and trendy names. They like their child name should be one and unique.

Easiest way to make unique name is the combination of parent name. Choose few letters from father’s and mother’s name, then try to combine these which sounds best. From the new names list choose the appropriate names for your new born.

Remember one thing during name combinations; do not choose such a name which is meaningless. Most of parents do not know the proper meaning of unique names.

Baby Names Tips and Guide

(1) Create a normal and well-known spelling. During the naming of your baby don’t use unusual spelling. Unusual spelling does not make a unique name. Even you believe in numerology and if you think one more letter will correct name numerology, don’t do that. If you believe in numerology then give a suitable name according to numerology but don’t make correction of usual name spelling.

(2) Make normal pronunciation. Create a name that is easy to pronounce and beautiful to listen. When parents collects name from the other countries be careful about the pronunciation of the name.

(3) Give a gender specific name. Name your baby boy from a masculine gender and girl from a feminine gender. Gender specific names help other to distinguish about a person.

(4) You both love the name. During choosing a name of your new born baby both father and mother pick the common names of their choice.

(5) Imagine your baby when he/she will be adult. Sometimes any name good for newborn baby may be sound ridiculous for a grown up.

(6) Compare the sound of first name with middle name and surname. Length of the first, middle and last name will be quite similar, that will sound good when call the full name.

(7) Ancestry, Heritage and Family Tradition. Some families have tradition to keep their babies name from their forefathers’ name. If any name does not match your traditional requirement make it middle name.